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How To Have A Sustainable And Stress-Free Christmas - hastshilp

How To Have A Sustainable And Stress-Free Christmas

With less than one month to go until Christmas, I’m sure everyone is feeling the annual pressure to buy buy buy. We want to bring a slower-paced, (slightly) relaxed and sustainable joy back to Christmas, bringing back some of that magic that has been lost amongst the constant need for “stuff”. This festive season should be something to look forward to, a time where you celebrate and share joy with loved ones, whether that be a big celebration with extended family members or escaping it all and planning a trip away for Christmas.

We have put together a list of ideas and items that you can slowly add to your Christmas collection to bring out year after year:

Reusable wrapping paper

This doesn’t have to be an expensive swap; visit your local charity shop or even search the house for unwanted bedding and fabrics. These can be used as they are, or you could experiment with making your own natural dyes. Cut the fabric into appropriately sized squares and use this guide to wrap them up beautifully. If you want to skip to the final step, fabric wrapping paper is also readily available to purchase in many small shops, in various patterns, materials and sizes.

Natural, homemade or high-quality reusable decorations

What a wonderful Christmas tradition to make your own decorations, whether it’s a garland of dried orange slices, or paper chains and snowflakes made of scrap or waxed paper. For the table, why not have a go at making your own crackers and a DIY place setting with some cinnamon sticks, foraged greenery and something bright you find around the house. Candles are always a win when it comes to the colder months, but have you ever tried to make your own candles? Such a fun activity to do with some friends or family. Here is a wonderful guide on how to make your own beeswax candles or you could purchase a pre-rolled candle making kit. We have a selection of rattan Christmas decorations that can be used year after year, as well as some wool felted wreaths and tree ornaments. One-of-a-kind handcrafted rattan tree skirts, swirly rattan trees, and a minimal stick Christmas tree.


How often do you find yourself buying a gift just for the sake of it? I’m sure most of us have been there at least once. Where possible, shop small, locally and sustainably. Charity shops, Facebook Marketplace and other second-hand websites are great for finding gently used books, clothes, toys and furniture. If you find it hard to think of gift ideas, speak to your friends and family members and ask if there is anything that they actually need or would like. While this does take away the surprise aspect, it ensures your gift is something that will actually be used and loved. Days out and trips away are also a fantastic idea for children or someone who is ‘tricky’ to buy for. Our frilly linen napkins, trays and rattan hangers are a fantastic and practical gift for someone who loves home decor and natural materials.


Don’t buy more than you need, and try to support your local highstreet and eat local produce if you are able to. Keep all your leftovers for the coming days; there are some great recipe ideas here. If you find the thought of cooking for lots of people over the festive season daunting, try practicing some of the dishes in the lead up to Christmas, and make yourself a timed list so you know exactly when everything is going in the oven. Or why not try something a bit less traditional.. Surely I’m not the only one who isn’t that keen on a roast?

Allow yourself some time to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. Bake festive treats, try to get outside at least once a day, light candles, read books and enjoy this Winter season that is meant to be all about slowing down and resting. There are many more ways that you can make your Christmas more sustainable and relaxing, but these are just a few that we like doing. We will have a new blog post coming soon in collaboration with the talented florist Abbie from @SprakesFlowers on sustainable Christmas table styling, so keep an eye out for that!

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