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There's a reason why rattan is one of the strongest and long-lasting materials, but even the toughest of items need to be cared for. We've put together a simple guide to keep your rattan looking its best and lasting as long as possible.


1. Clean It Regularly

Every few months it is a good idea to give all your rattan items a clean. Depending on where they're kept and how long you've had them, this can mean different things. A quick wipe down with a damp cloth is fine, but every so often you may need to add in some extra steps. When doing a minimal maintenance clean, wet a cloth with soapy water and wipe all over your rattan piece. Follow with a clean damp cloth and dry thoroughly with a cloth or towel. If there is any food or drink spilt, clean it immediately to prevent damage or staining.

2. Deep Scrub

Once or twice a year, you may need to use a toothbrush to get into the smaller woven pieces to prevent dust build up. This isn't necessary for all items, but if you notice bits of dust trapped between woven parts of your rattan, then it is a good idea to do this. All you need is a clean, dry toothbrush and then gently brush over the whole item, focusing on the woven areas. If there is still some dirt stuck, then wet the toothbrush slightly with soapy water to help remove it and dry thoroughly.

3. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Where possible, avoid placing your rattan items in direct sunlight. This can cause fading, and over a long period of time, can cause your item to dry out and crack. If your item is kept in the sun for extended periods of time, you will need to oil it more regularly to keep it from splitting.

4. Avoid Damp

 As rattan is a natural material, it can easily grow mould if left in damp conditions for extended periods of time. We coat all our rattan furniture with a protective seal, but we still recommend avoiding damp conditions. We often get asked if rattan items are suitable for use in a bathroom. Rattan items in a bathroom are fine, they may just need a wipe down with a clean dry cloth once a week if the room isn't well ventilated.

5. Oil To Prevent Splitting

 Although rattan is dried out slightly prior to use, it is important to prevent it from drying out fully as this causes it to become brittle. Depending on your location and the placement of your rattan items, we recommend oiling your items at least once a year to keep them lasting as long as possible.

6. General Maintenance

 There are several simple things you can do to maintain your rattan furniture:
  • Place a cushion on rattan chairs to distribute the weight
  • Don't drag furniture across the floor
  • Place protectors on the feet of furniture
  • Clean stains instantly
  • Regularly inspect your items for mould, cracking or any other issues to prevent them from damaging your furniture

7. Repairs

 If you have some vintage rattan furniture or a newer purchase that has become damaged, we can help. We offer repairs to all rattan items, so matter how simple or complicated. Please send detailed images and a description of the item to and we will be happy to help.